Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My favourite outfits

As you may know I love clothes and Fashion and today I wanted to share some of the outfits I like wearing.

I love dressing up and had to go to two "posh do's" recently so I have been able to dress up and wear nice dresses and shows.

I got my silver dress for Christmas last year. It's from Next. I really like to dress because I love the material and the colour. I wore it to the Christmas Panto last year and for Afternoon Tea this year.

I got my black dress for Christmas two years ago. I love the collar and the pink Sash. My sister also has one so we match when we wear them! I wore it last weekend to a family dinner.

I got my Black and White skirt recently from George at Asda. It is my favourite skirt at the moment because I loev the high waist I like wearing it with a T shirt, Denim Jacket and either silver sandals from Old Navy or Hi-Top Trainers. I wore it to see the Railway Childen in London and I also wore it to music school last week - it's an outfit you can dress up or down!

What's your favourite outfit?

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Grade One Piano Exam

This term I have been preparing for my Grade One Piano Exam. It has been really hard work and has taken a lot of practice. I was a little bit worried about it to start off with, but I did lots and lots of practice and practiced at School and at Home and day by day I felt more confident about the exam and the pieces I was playing sounded better.

I took my Grade One piano exam just before the end of term. I don't know the result yet but I feel proud that I persevered and practiced as much as I could and I think I am better at playing piano now than I was. Here is a short video of me practicing one of the pieces called "Na krimitku".

Do you play a musical instrument?

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Summer Music Concert

On Saturday I played in the Summer Muisc Concert at Music School. It was a very big ocassion and we had to wear a posh concert dress. 

This terms I have been learning Treble Recorder, Recorder and Viola. We also have a choir which I sing in. I go to music school very Saturday morning and I love it.

At the concert I played two pieces of music on each instrument and sang. We performed in front of the Mayor of our town. It was very exciting! Here is a picture of me in the concert.

Soon I am doing my grade one exam and I am practising a lot for it at the moment.

Do you play a musical instrument?

Galt Product Review: Neon Charms

I've been reviewing Galt products again from the "Express Yourself" Range. This month I reviewed Neon Charms which involves making Bracelets and Necklaces out of charms and cool beads. Why not head over to the Galt Blog and see what I thought of them!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

My Holiday to California

My adventures in California

At the end of May we went to California in America. We stayed in the Hotel Irvine for four days which was a brillant hotel and then we stayed at our Grandpa's house for a week which was also really cool. Grandpa has a cool house and he also has the Disney Channel which we loved!

The first couple of days, we went to Del Taco. This is a Mexican restaurant like you've never seen in England before. It has tacos, quesadillas (the soft ones) and it also has burritos. Del Taco was my favourite place to eat because it had delicious Mexican food. We also went to Rubios (king of the fish taco) which is another Mexican restaurant. My sister BooJam went to a sandwich place called "Which Wich" and she loved the food there.

We went to Knottsberry Farm and I went on the Jaguar rollercoaster ride. My sister couldn't go on because she was too small. The queuing was very scary because it was in an egyptian tomb, but the ride was really good. One of the rides was really cool. It was a ride where you got to lay down and fly in Camp Snoopy. I loved it and so did my sister too. We also went on a ride where we bounced up and down and that was so much fun.

We went to Hollywood to look around. Our tour guide was Grandpa.  We saw the Hollywood Sign, Manns Chinese Theatre, the handprints in the concrete on the floor and the Hollywood walk of Fame which had lots of stars on the floor. I saw the handprints of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. They are my favourite characters from Harry Potter.

Los Angeles has lots of swimming pools. We went in a swimming pool with diving boards and had lots of fun swimming around and diving.

We went to Newport Beach and I was swimming in the sea and there was this really big wave and I had to cling onto the sand as the wave washed over me. It really hurt but it was also cool at the same time. We also bought necklaces for each other.

We went whale watching with Captain Dave's Whale Watching and we saw a Fin Whale and Bottlenose Dolphins and we also saw some baby dolphins. We also saw grey dolphins as we came into the harbour and the seals too. They were really stinky!

I loved California and I can't wait to go back again!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Galt product Review: Friendship Bracelets

Last month I got to review the Galt Express Yourself range again and this time I chose some Friendship Bracelets to review. I had great fun reviewing them and making some cool friendship bracelets for my friend. I am really enjoying working with Galt. You can see what I thought of the Galt Friendship Bracelets Here! 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My new Cello

I've got a new Cello! Recently I was given a Cello. At music school I play viola and recorder, and I play Piano at home, but I am now I can practice the Cello too. Here is a video of me playing Cello.

 My sister got given a Glockenspiel, which she is very good at playing. Here is a video of her playing too.

We love playing musical instruments! What is your favourite instrument?

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